Stephanie DeArmond
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Stephanie DeArmond's work explores language – taking slang phrases, colloquialisms, and snippets of conversation and abstracting them into sculptural form where meanings are revealed and obscured through typography and letterforms. She resides in Minneapolis, MN with her husband and son— where she divides her time between studio work and teaching. She completed her MFA in 2006 at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her work has appeared in ReadymadeElle and T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Recent exhibition venues include the University of Sydney, Design Miami 2007, Romo Gallery in Atlanta, Soo VAC in Minneapolis, The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, Stand Up Comedy in Portland, and Die Gestaten Verlag’s Fragiles traveling exhibition.  

She uses traditional hand-building techniques to make complex constructions from slabs of clay. The typographic forms she creates are based on her own hand-drawn lettering and vintage letterforms. Each piece is unique — finished with glazes, vintage ceramic decals, or painted-on black slip. She recently returned from living abroad in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where historical delftware was a strong influence on her work.

View a PDF of her interview from the SUC Statesman-Recorder (Spring 2008).